Davis Counseling Associates

Mary Davis, MA LMHC

Mary Davis has been a practicing psychotherapist in Massachusetts since 1980. Ms. Davis is licensed in Massachusetts. She is also a certified trauma-sensitive yoga specialist and holds a certification for EMDR. Ms.Davis uses a wide variety of approaches in her practice. Reducing stress and setting realistic goals is a specialty which Ms. Davis has found is not only an immediate benefit for her clients, but has long term life changing advantages. Guiding her clients to find the changes that are right for them is one of Mary Davis’s strongest clinical skills.

Clients needing more a sensitive and cautious approach to reconnect with their bodies will find comfortable progress gained with Trauma-Sensitive Yoga programs. Some clients prefer to work privately, others choose a group setting. Ms. Davis leads either format with the highest respect and sensitivity, allowing her clients to lead their journey at their own pace. This is a wonderful opportunity to befriend your body after experiencing various forms of abuse, neglect or verbal insensitivity.

Stress Reduction Yoga Programs

Davis Counseling Associates also offer private and group yoga practices for people who want to benefit from the stress reducing qualities of yoga.

Yoga can be part of the therapeutic journey. Ms.Davis incorporates yoga and relaxation in her private practice to help release blockages and tension. The benefits are extremely powerful and allow her clientele to feel a more grounded and peaceful sense of well being.


Counseling services are offered for adults, families, all couples and children.

LGBTQIA and Poly-friendly

EMDR is a specialized technique which requires intense and extensive training. Ms. Davis has obtained the highest training certification and has had great success using this modality with clients. Whether feeling intermittent or persistent anxiety to intrusive disturbing memories, EMDR is a wonderful and gentle method to alleviate many problematic experiences.

LGBTQIA & Poly-friendly