Top Things I Tell Clients To Start With In Therapy

Therapy is a very misunderstood creature. Some people assume, incorrectly, that you need to have a mental problem to be in therapy. Not every patient has a psychological or diagnosable mental problem. There are a lot of patients who need help in dealing with normal things.

Therapy can feel strange at first, but that is normal. It takes time to feel as though you can open up to the doctor who is helping you. After all, you are revealing incredibly intimate and personal details about your life, whereas, they are not. To help you feel less scared, we have five things that most therapists recommend their patients talk about with them.

Express Yourself – Art & Yogic Therapy

Shall We Dance: Combining Art and Yoga to Shake up Your Healing Process We are witnessing downward dogs and child poses sweeping the nation and becoming the one stop shop for mindfulness and healthy living. Or so we thought. There is a more in-depth practice that heals your entirety, beginning with openly expressing your creativity. This is the combination of a Yoga Therapist utilizing your artistic side as a form of healing therapy. This practice … Read moreExpress Yourself – Art & Yogic Therapy

Women and Self Esteem

Self Esteem Women can overcome the “she can’t do it because she is not good enough” attitude by engaging in several positive steps like facing their fears. No woman can move upward and onward without first facing her fears. Be tough in your emotions, thoughts and behavior.   Never Run From Conflict Another step is to never run from conflict. Anyone who uses conflict to manipulate your thoughts and feelings should be recognized as a … Read moreWomen and Self Esteem

3 Steps to Begin Managing Your Anxiety

Managing Anxiety You’d heard of it in passing, but seriously never thought it would happen to you. But on a Wednesday evening, about 5:37 pm, while waiting in a grocery store line, you suddenly began to feel anxious, panic-stricken, out of sorts. So unlike your normally upbeat self. Then came the shortness of breath, damp forehead, palpitations and feeling of moisture in your armpits. Somehow, you managed to pay for your food-items without any undue … Read more3 Steps to Begin Managing Your Anxiety

Reducing Stress With Yoga

3 Ways Yoga Helps To Reduce Stress There will no doubt be times when you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Your stress level is rising by the minute and you find it hard to focus on the work you have in front of you. You notice your muscles tensing up, your breathing becomes shallow. At times it feels like the whole world is closing in on you. At this point, you may reach for some food, … Read moreReducing Stress With Yoga