Express Yourself – Art & Yogic Therapy

Shall We Dance: Combining Art and Yoga to Shake up Your Healing Process

We are witnessing downward dogs and child poses sweeping the nation and becoming the one stop shop for mindfulness and healthy living. Or so we thought. There is a more in-depth practice that heals your entirety, beginning with openly expressing your creativity.

This is the combination of a Yoga Therapist utilizing your artistic side as a form of healing therapy.

This practice is what sets that progressive downward dog separate from a healing process that allows you to express and create a memorable moment that will last a lifetime.

With the right Yogic therapist and the guided practice of creating physical art, we adapt an excellent prescription used for nurturing more than just your mind and body.

The practice of art is an expression of your mind, body and spirit. When you construct a piece using all of the resources inside of yourself, the outcome is a creation that speaks more than words.

The practice of Yoga is similar.

When we enter the practice of yoga, if your mind, body and spirit are open to healing, your outcome speaks more than words. It speaks to an ultimate turn-around in your health and a start to a journey of healing by studying what’s already inside of you.

The key-word in combining art and yoga therapy is intention.

Yogic Therapy instructors and Art instructors are all capable of creating a program that benefits themselves. What’s key is them getting to understand you, your needs and what you plan to achieve, during your session.

Intentions can be verbal, written or mentally noted. How ever we make knowledge of this intention, is how we must continue to bring it into fruition while practicing.

Yoga and Art combined have a common intention of healing its practitioner. This healing is attributed to the aid of helping your inner, wiser self get in touch with your youthful, childlike self.

Art is the application or expression of creative human skill and imagination. Sometimes, in order to utilize your imagination properly, it takes stripping you away from your daily adult-task, and sitting you down with an intention to create and heal.

Art therapy involves using creative techniques to aid in expressing yourself artistically and helping a art therapist examine emotional, psychological tones in the art.

We bet you didn’t know it gets that deep, huh?

When practicing art for fun, following yoga, it allows you to examine yourself and what made you create this image. We allow you meditate on your creation and fully understand how your inner child can help you understand your adult self.

Your inner child an adult self meeting brings forth a explosion of emotion, healing and aid in your mental growth as a human. This practice is healing for your mind, body and spirit and goes a lot further than the individual exercises you put your body through.

With the use of identifying an intention and using art to follow up your intentional body healing, the results of furthering your self is limitless and we are excited to introduce this practice to help you grow.

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