Reducing Stress With Yoga

3 Ways Yoga Helps To Reduce Stress

There will no doubt be times when you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Your stress level is rising by the minute and you find it hard to focus on the work you have in front of you.

You notice your muscles tensing up, your breathing becomes shallow. At times it feels like the whole world is closing in on you. At this point, you may reach for some food, or a cigarette, or a drink. You might even turn to Netflix and binge watch your favorite show.

All of these might help reduce your stress level temporarily, but have you ever considered trying you to reduce your stress level? The practice of yoga can significantly lower your stress level and make you feel better on many levels.

Here are three reasons you should consider using yoga to help reduce your stress level.

1)  Yoga Relaxes The Body

This is an obvious one since yoga is a physical activity, but many people overlook the physical benefits of even a short yoga session.

Yoga poses are systematically designed to stretch the muscles of your entire body. Your muscles will be warmed up and loose after a good yoga session. That tense achy feeling will be gone and your movements will be more fluid.

You will see an improvement in your posture since your muscles are not in a contracted state.


2)  Relaxes The Mind

Meditation has become a popular activity for calming the mind and increasing focus over the last few years. At it’s most basic form, meditation is just a focus on your breath.

During a yoga session, you will be taking deep, slow breaths. By focusing on holding the poses and your breathing pattern, you begin to block out all outside distractions. Time and space begin to drift away.

What Tim Ferriss calls your “monkey mind” will stop jumping from thought to thought and begin to slow down. You will stop worrying about your job, your relationships, or the political state of the country.

When you finish a yoga session you will be relaxed both physically and mentally. You will be able to calmly handle any situation that may come your way.


3) Releases Emotional Energy

One of the greatest causes of stress in pent-up emotional energy. Negative emotion like anger, guilt, and fear can cause your stress to become worse, especially if they are allowed to fester and grow inside you.

This emotional pressure often finds release in very unproductive ways. You may shout at your partner, or break things, you may even throw a tantrum at your local coffee shop because they forgot to add cream to your order.

There are many poses that will help reduce your emotional stress. The poses that focus on the shoulders and hips, where most of your emotional tension is stored, are great for getting rid of those negative emotions.

These are just a few of the stress-reducing benefits that yoga will provide. Take the next step by finding a yoga class in your area and give it a try. You will notice positive results very quickly.

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