Women and Self Esteem

Self Esteem

Women can overcome the “she can’t do it because she is not good enough” attitude by engaging in several positive steps like facing their fears. No woman can move upward and onward without first facing her fears. Be tough in your emotions, thoughts and behavior.


Never Run From Conflict

Another step is to never run from conflict. Anyone who uses conflict to manipulate your thoughts and feelings should be recognized as a person who wants to control your actions. Once you see this for what it is, make a choice on how to respond to it, instead of reacting out of fear or ignorance.

Most importantly, for any woman who wants to succeed and move on, she needs to stop listening to their inner critic.

  • Being tough with your mind will help you make better decisions, instead of allowing your mind to control you.
  • The important point here is to learn how to manage your emotions by self-talking and using positive words when controlling your thoughts.


Don’t Expect Perfect Outcomes

In addition, be careful not to expect perfect outcomes. Use what you have at the time and make the best of your situation, whatever that may be. Approach your circumstances with the right attitude and do not expect a break.


The Past Has Past…

Another step is to never look at your past as a mistake. Of course, some mistakes from everyone’s past is painful and sometimes bad; however, instead of brooding about what happened, look at those actions as windows to a better future and a way to learn something you didn’t know before those mistakes happened.


Do What Others Won’t Do

Also, another way for women to be successful is to never miss an opportunity to shine; to do what others are unwilling to do. Look at areas where others are unwilling to do. Whatever you do, do it well and you will be looked upon as different from the others.


Keep Your Cool

Most importantly, successful women should always keep their cool. In other words, be in control of your destiny. Women can control their destiny by taking hold of opportunities that can improve their life and situation. Keep in mind; successful women always do their research; be it with clients, customers or anyone they are dealing with.

  • Women should always know what they are talking about.
  • When a woman does the proper research, she will come across poised, prepared and ready to handle situations that come her way.


In addition, women who want more self-esteem and to be valued by others never say, “I quit.” When women quit or say they can’t handle it, they give control over their attitudes and behavior. It also shows that they have created their own boundaries.


To conclude, women can overcome the “she can’t do it because she is not good enough” attitude; however, it takes courage, fortitude and the desire to be a woman of strength and standards. Follow the above steps and move forward!

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